ClearWell Oilfield Solutions is part of the FrontRow Energy Technology Group. The company has offices in Houston, Midland (TX), Calgary, Aberdeen and Southampton and provides a unique, low-cost, non-chemical and environmentally friendly scale inhibition service for producing oil wells around the world.

The ClearWell system is the only product of its kind in the world. Its electromagnetic pulsed current technology is non-intrusive; low cost to purchase, operate and maintain and ultra ‘green’, reducing the need for hazardous chemicals and associated health, safety and environmental risks.  It is delivering impressive cost savings and maximising well production and longevity. It is changing the way operators manage their scale inhibition programmes and provides a step change towards a cleaner, greener and more environmentally friendly industry.

Academic studies of the ClearWELL™ product include: 

•    SPE-170898  Preventing scale deposition downhole using high frequency  electromagnetic AC signals from surface to enhance production offshore Denmark
•    SPE-169415-MS An environmentally friendly method to control halite scale  deposition:  Proved case histories from Latin America
•    SPE-133526-PP Physical water treatment in the oilfield