ClearWELL uses radio transmissions to supply energy into a system prior to a supersaturation event which encourages precipitation in suspension.

Why Does the Precipitate Normally Form a Deposit?

• When a material precipitates, not only is a new phase formed, a surface between the old and new phases must be formed. It takes energy to create a new surface, and this energy is not accounted for in the bulk description of solubility

• The energy required to form the new surface is proportional to the surface area being formed. A new phase will develop on an existing surface simply because less new surface is required which therefore requires less energy.

• In a pipe or oil well the existing surface is provided by the pipe, the valves and anything else that is internal to the pipe

• Under normal conditions therefore nucleation occurs at solid-liquid interfaces because less energy is required.

ClearWELL™ solution

• ClearWELL™ operates by inducing homogeneous nucleation by introducing Kinetic energy into the system so that crystallites form in suspension

• These small crystallites serve as nucleation sites for the precipitation of the rest of the solution

• The large surface area provided by the millions of small crystallites dominates the thermodynamic evolution of the system

Principles of ClearWELL™ are therefore

• Use of a physical device to create millions of nucleation sites and deplete the saturation condition

• Keeps microcrystals suspended by fluid flow

• An electrical signal propagates through the entire pipe run.

• There is no focus on a specific zone,

• Wherever saturation occurs, ClearWELL™ works


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